How CC File Transfer works

CC File Transfer can work on LAN/Intranet as LAN file transfer software, and on WAN/Internet as Internet file transfer software.

Step 1. Install CCFile.

Step 2. Setup your router.

If your PC connects to the Internet directly with a fixed Internet IP address, your friends can use the URL shown on the status bar of CCFile to visit your shared files.

If your home/office PC is behind a Router, it means that the router will block the connections from Internet. You need to open UPnP option in router and CCFile will setup UPnP automatically and enable the Internet accessing. We recommend this method. Click here to learn how to open UPnP.

Step 3. Sign up a friendly URL.

Usually, we can use Internet IP and port to access CCFile. But the Internet IP addresses are dynamical especially using ADSL or dial-up connections. Furthermore remembering the IP address URL is difficult. How to resolve this problem? Don't worry about it. CCFile provides a friendly URL service. You can signup friendly URL here and enter the username and password in CCFile options. Now you can use the friendly URL to access CCFile.

Step 4. After launch CC File Transfer, drag files from Windows Explorer and drop into CC File Transfer. Tell your friends the address (both URL and Port) displayed on inforbar (just below toolbar). Default is "Share as free", right select file(s) can change to "Share as auth".

Step 5. Click "Account" button in toolbar to create a whitelist account for your firend. You can choose authentication of specified IP address or user name + password. Also you can grant download, upload and remove right to this account. The anonymous users can only download the free share files.

Step 6. Your friend can now open Internet Explorer (or Firefox etc.) and enter the address you provided to visit your sharing files.

Step 7. Click Login link to input his/her authentication information, then your friend can see all your sharing files. The anonymous users can only download the free share files.

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